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RD FABS Unibody Stiffners
Unibody Stiffening Kits   Cart Total: $
(Click on images for larger picture) GM J-Body Unibody Stiffening Kit GM J-Body Unibody Stiffening Kit GM J-Body Unibody Stiffening Kit
J-Body Unibody Stiffening Kit
Fits Sunfire & Cavalier Models
No Drilling Required, just assemble into place!

Fits Sunfire and Cavalier Models
Kit includes all parts shown for a complete installation.
All parts are 100% Stainless Steel Construction.
Parts are polished to a high "Show Quality" shine.
Shipping and Handling costs are extra.
Read Disclaimer Below!
GM J-Body Unibody Stiffening Kit
Part Number Kit Price Qty Add To Cart
USB1GMJ $385.00 US

Product Description & Disclaimer

General Motors, Pontiac Sunfire/Chevrolet Cavalier unibody stiffening bar. This product is to be implemented in reinforcing/stiffening the upper portion of your vehicle between the vertical sections behind the two front seats. If used properly, it will help fight body flex and stiffen the vehicle in stressful situations. This product is not intended to be used as a safety device and provides no added protection to driver or passengers.

*** RD Fabs will not be held responsible if this product is used in any manner other than described above. For off-road use only! ***

All products are hand crafted, creating an unmatched quality product

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